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Introduction and August 2016 update

Terry Jackson -Wrongfully Convicted

 Questionaire Below Shows Us some of the Facts Surrounding Terry Jackson's Case That show he is innocent

1. How do you know Terry Jackson?
2. Do you know Terry Jackson good enough to know that he was not involved in this crime he is accused of?
3. Do you believe Terry Jackson is innocent?
4. For those who know Terry Jackson, do you have confidence in his innocence?
5. Did you know that those that accused Terry Jackson falsely and testified falsely at his trial about him being involved in this crime, has now admitted to reported Janine Anderson from the Racine Journal Times that they knowingly accused Terry Jackson of this crime falsely?
6. Now that you know those individuals have openly confessed and admitted they lied on Terry Jackson ,what do you think or feel about that?
7. The person who shot Darnell Williford (Terrance Simpson) told a student investigator (Winn Collins and Adam Jagadich) from the innocent project that he was coerced and pressured by he police, so he told the police what he thought they wanted to hear. Terrance says detective Soderberg kept suggesting to him and asking him was Terry Jackson involved. Terrance Simpson now admits that everything he told the police about Terry Jackson being involved in the crime was false. IN fact, Terrance Simpson admits Terry Jackson is the one who was trying to stop them from doing anything to Darnell Williford. This is what most people did not know, but now that you know the truth and facts, what are your comments and opinion about this?
8. Terrance Simpson stated at 11 years of age, he was impressionable and that the police and prosecutor took advantage of that and manipulated him into falsely accusing Terry Jackson of this crime. He also stated he tried to refuse to testify falsely at Terry Jackson's trial, but the prosecutor threatened to move him far away from his mother and family if he didn't testify--so Terrance Simpson admits he was pressured into testifying falsely against Terry Jackson. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?
9. Did you know Cornelius Hunter AKA "Red" acknowledged and admitted he falsely accused Terry Jackson of being involved in this shooting of Darnell Williford to the reporter Janine Anderson of the Racine Journal Times. He told her his reasons were because he was expecting the prosecutor and the police to let him out of Wales early. He now realizes and recognize he was wrong for falsely blaming Terry Jackson for being involved in this crime, that he knows he had no involvement in. What are your thoughts, feelings and comments about this?
10.  Did you know Leonard Herron AKA "Mookie" acknowledged to the prosecutor Zoe Stowers and Judge Gerald Ptacek in court that he falsely accused Terry Jackson of being the actual person who shot Darnell Williford when he knew it was not true and that he done it to try to help friends Christopher Berry and Terrance Simpson beat the homicide case. Leonard Herron stated he was contacted be Christopher Berry who asked him to blame Terry Jackson for this case. Leonard Herron explained that is why h falsely accused Terry Jackson, but now realizes it was wrong to falsely implicate and accuse someone that's innocent for something he had no involvement in. So that's why he is coming forth now acknowledging his part in falsely accusing Terry Jackson. He also admitted this to Janine Anderson who worked for the Journal Times. What are your thoughts about this?
11.  Did you know the only African-American juror in Terry Jackson's trial by the name Ella Richardson, admitted to Terry Jackson during a phone conversation years after Terry Jackson was convicted that she did not believe that the prosecutors had established and proved that Terry Jackson was involved in this homicide and that she initially voted against the other jurors that Terry Jackson was not guilty, but she was overwhelmingly out numbered by the rest of the white jurors--so Ella Richardson said she changed her verdict to guilty in their next vote amongst the jurors because Ella Richardson didn't want to hold the rest of the jurors back from going home, so she just went along with the rest of the jurors verdict of guilty even though she didn't believe or feel the prosecutor established, proved or convince her that Terry Jackson was guilty. So Ella Richardson admits she didn't want to appear like she was preventing the rest of the jurors from going home and being compelled to stay and vote just because she wasn't convinced the prosecutor proved their case against Terry Jackson. So basically Ella Richardson admits Terry Jackson's fate of being guilty came as a result of her being intimidated and pressured into rendering a guilty verdict out of fear of what the rest of the jurors would think of her for holding them back, because Ella Richardson did not agree that the prosecutor had proved their case against Terry Jackson. So its a shame to be told by the only African-American juror that Terry Jackson's fate came at the hands of Ella Richardson being intimidated and pressured into rendering a guilty verdict that she didn't even believe was the correct verdict. What are your thoughts, feelings and comments about discovering this information?

These are some of the facts surrounding how I got wrongfully convicted, which is much more to discover in my book being composed and almost complete titled "Framed - A - Murderer" (The wrongfully convicted Through systematic Malfeasance Is Equivalent To Modern Day Crucifixion) So with the help and support of those who have confidence in my innocence can provide me the justice that's due. Your assistance and help through donations is greatly appreciated. You can forward your donations to Tina Derkes in do Terry Jackson at 888 E Shady Lane lot 296, Neenah, WI 54956-6203. All money sent will go into the savings account established for the attorney until the full amount is obtained to retain the attorney Robert Hanek. With that said, I conclude this updated message, Thanks for your support. Terry Jackson

          Here is scanning of document explaining Terry's conviction and giving progress in the case.
Click here to open pdf file:Terry Jackson updates his case

Miscarriage of Justice
Brief synopsis
I would like to begin this site with the understanding that I’m not perfect or without flaws, but one thing I am definitely not is a murderer. I’ve never shot , stabbed or cut anyone in my entire life, but according to this so called flawless judicial system, I’ve been labeled a murderer.
Well , my purpose for bringing this case to the attention of the public is because in every case or situation there are two sides to a story and I want those who read this site to assess both sides and be the judge. The who believe the prosecutor version will not support me in seeking justice, but those who use their common sense by assessing the facts and come to the conclusion of the obvious truth will support me in seeking justice to help me prove my innocence. My side of the story was distorted and misrepresented by a deficient and ineffective defense counsel and an over zealous, tunnel vision, vindictive prosecutor.
So as I begin the specific details of the facts surrounding this case from the beginning to its conclusion I would ask and admonish you readers to pay close attention to every detail and word expressed in the content of these pages because as you journey though the facts, theory and lies, you will be enlightened, shocked and surprised by the extent and determination the prosecutor will go to win a conviction over seeking justice. As a reader of the facts and details you will be left with nothing more or less than your common sense to distinguish between the facts , fiction and straight out lies that shaped this entire case and brought about the conviction of an innocent person. I respect all opinions expressed as a result of reading this case , whether in support of me or not, and believe that ultimately , the truth will prevail.
I am in need of an attorney and have no finds for one, so any legal advise, books, or monetary support you can provide would also be appreciated. Even a letter of support to the judge or prosecutor in the case will help .
As you will see in the enduing documents, the prosecutor’s own witnesses have acknowledged in an affidavit that they knowingly conspired to set me up by testifying falsely at my trial and admitted this to a reporter who investigated the case and printed an article on the facts discovered. After this article was printer ( about 4 months ago), an additional one of the prosecutor’s witnesses provided an affidavit admitting that he too, is responsible for conspire. The truth is coming out after I have spent 18 years in prison. Yet the prosecutor fails to reinvestigate this case which is his duty once new evidence is revealed. This is a plea for society’s help in securing me a new trial.

My contact information for books, letters:
Terry Jackson 121898
Waupun, Wi 53963

For questions, or to donate: contact FFUP ,
29631 Wild Rose Drive
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