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Affidavit of Leonard Herron

AFFIDAVIT Of Leonard Herron

State of Wisconsin SS)

County of Racine )

Case No. 92-CF-14

Leonard A. Herron, being first sworn, deposes and states:

I,Leonard A. Herron D.O.B. 6/14/77 hereby swear that this statement is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge and memory, and that no threats, force or coercion has been used against me, and I give this statement of my own free will.

1. I hereby state that I was an eye witness of the events that transpired at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. community center on April 29,1991.

I went to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. community center with Terrance Simpson, Christopher Berry, Cornelius Hunter, and Quincy Williams.

2. I hereby state that while there at the community center with the above named individuals, I witnessed Mr. Jackson attempting to convince Darnell Williford and Christopher Berry that they should resolve their differences peacefully without fighting. I seen Mr. Jackson outside trying to convince Chris not to fight Darnell and I also witness him go in the gym and attempt to convince Darnell not to fight Christopher Berry.

3. I hereby state that I observed the entire incident that took place at Dr. King Jr. community center up until Darnell was shot, and I can verify that Mr. Terry Jackson was not the person that put Terrance Simpson on the roof of the Dr. King community center. I was 14 years of age at the time and remember everything that transpired that day.

4. I hereby state that when Christopher Berry was in the county jail facing charges for murdering Darnell Williford, he called me on the phone collect asking me to help him out by testifying at his trial and blame Terry Jackson for Darnell murder. The reason he said he wanted me to do this is because he thought Terry Jackson was going to testify at his trial against him. He also ask me to tell the rest of the Shorties the same thing. He also told us to tell Darnell Williford family that Terry Jackson had Terrance Simpson shoot Darnell. This was suppose to be in attempt to help him win his jury trial. This is why I came to Christopher Berry trial falsely accusing Mr. Jackson, because Chris Berry and Terrance Simpson was my friend, and we were trying to help Christopher Berry win his trial by blaming Terry Jackson.

5. I hereby state that everything I testified to in Christopher Berry trial regarding Mr. Jackson was absolutely false. I testified falsely claiming to know him personally, but I did not know him personally. I falsely testified saying that I went to his house, and while there seeing a long barreled weapon laying on his bed, but I never been in Jackson house to observe a weapon. I also testified that I seen Mr. Jackson and Darnell Williford get into a fight at his house party two weeks prior to Darnell getting killed, that wasn't true either because I never been to Mr. Jackson parties or house. It was evident that I was lying in Berry trial, because I testified that Terry Jackson shot Darnell and not Terrance Simpson, which was all designed to blame Mr. Jackson to help Chris Berry and Terrance Simpson get off.

6. I hereby state and verify that Mr. Jackson is absolutely innocent of any involvement that resulted in the death of Darnell Williford. This is the truth as I know it, and I come forth to acknowledge this because I know what I done when I was younger was wrong for blaming a innocent person for something I know he didn't do.>

Date this 17 day of Dec., 2004

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