Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Berry interview denied

Berry Interview Denied

In researching this story, The Journal Times asked to interview Chris Berry. The Department of Corrections denied that request.

Berry did respond to a letter written by a reporter, in which he was asked to explain the how Jackson was both the man he went to for help peacefully resolving the situation with Darnell Williford and the one who ultimately had Williford killed. I le was also asked about Leonard Herron's allegation that Berry asked the Shorty Vice Lords to implicate Jackson for the murder.

In his written response, Berry did not respond directly to any of those questions. Instead, he wrote several pages, in which he said the entire case was based on lies.

"This entire case and trial was the by-product of a bunch of fabrications and equivocations, and no one is exempt because everyone told some lies including, but not limited to myself."

In the letter, Berry accused attorneys, police and witnesses of lying, and denied any involvement in Williford's death. He also requested compensation for working with the newspaper and asked what he could "anticipate being accommodated with" by the newspaper. It is Journal Times policy not to pay Sources for information.

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