Monday, May 3, 2010

journalist does years of research

Years of research:

Journal Times reporter Janine Andersen spent more than three years researching this case. She reviewed hundreds of pages of police reports, court records and transcripts, as well as conducted in-person and telephone interviews with people involved in the case, All information-in this story came from documents, interviews or testimony.

She spoke repeatedly with Jackson by phone and in person; interviewed two witnesses who recanted their statements against Jackson, Cornelious Hunter and Leonard Herron spoke with retired detective }on Soderberg and prosecutor joanKorb; and interviewed two of Jackson's attorneys as well as members of his family and friends from that time period.

The Journal Times was unable locate the shooter, Terrance Simpson, and a letter sent to the last-known address for his mother was returned undeliverable. Attempts to reach Darnell Williford's family also were unsuccessful.

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